DAOstack — Review of ICO

DAOstack is a platform that is a universal framework for creating DAO – decentralized autonomous organizations. This framework will have its own smart contracts, which will ensure decentralized, collective management of platforms in the industry’s blockchain.

DAOstack will be a bridge between different companies, applications and other platforms that operate as decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO).

Although the Internet also helps to exchange information in any volume and at any distance, it does not have an economic mechanism for implementing and coordinating global equitable production. DAOstack is the operating system for creating DAO. It is on this platform that thousands of developers will be united, whose specification will be the development of decentralized applications of the blockchain mechanism used. Thus, by creating together decentralized applications and platforms, they will be able to withstand monopolies and compete with corporations such as YouTube, Yelp, TripAdvisor.

Pros of the Platform:

  • Own user interface;
  • Networks of organizations that jointly promote an anti-competitive economy;
    Joint decentralized applications;
  • A user-friendly interface for developers, through which they can quickly create decentralized applications and platforms;
  • Common archives, which will improve the interoperability of new applications that are developed on the platform;
    Help in connecting the mechanism of blockchain and smart contracts to any developed decentralized application or platform.

Platform tokens and their distribution:

The generic platform tokens are GEN. It will be used to use the platform functionality, promote its proposals and other. Also, they will be paid for the work of the developers of the structure. Due to the fact that tokens will be distributed as the reward for investments and development, and they will be sold to people who want to acquire rights to a particular platform or application, to ensure the turnover of tokens and thereby increase their value.

The more applications will be created on the platform, the more tokens will be put into circulation and the more they will cost.

Regarding their distribution, the following can be said: 40 percent will be sold during the ICO, 40 percent is allocated for the development and operation of the platform, 10 percent is allocated for future improvements on the platform and 10 percent for the team, participants and platform advisers.

In conclusion, I want to say that the platform is really interesting, the development of decentralized applications is now in the trend and for many, this topic is really attractive. So far, I advise you to follow the development of the project, the development of sales and wait for its full launch. For a better introduction to the project, you can read the whitepaper.




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