BitScreener — Review of ICO  

BitScreener is a platform designed specifically for easy tracking of crypto-currency shares, with all sorts of charts, charts, and tables, as well as news that affects cryptocurrency prices, so that crypto traders can easily track all changes and make appropriate decisions.

About the Platform:

BitScreener is one of the few projects that sell tokens after successfully launching their applications. The platform appeared in 2017 and you can download it on PlayMarket or on the AppStore, and also you can install the application on your PC. The application is used by more than 1 million crypto-investors and their number grows further. According to various sources, the application is one of the most important crypto applications and is among the top 5 fastest growing.

Functions of the Platform:

  • track more than 5,500 thousand of currency pairs that are currently traded;
  • receive the latest real-time data from more than 100 exchanges;
  • receive graphics and charts that are formed due to a large number of filters and from which you can get the most useful information;
  • constant tracking of prices and trading volumes on mobile devices, so you will be aware of the latest changes;
  • technical analysis of the market with advanced graphs and forecasts, on which you can base your actions on the crypto market.


Tokens Companies and their Sale:

Tokens will be used to purchase the information you need on the platform and to use some of its functions. A total of 450 million tokens are produced, and 139.5 million will be sold to the community. For 1 ether you can buy 7154 tokens. The main sale of tokens will last from June 27 to July 4, 2018. Tokens can be bought for broadcasts. The minimum investment in the platform is 0.2 ETH. The soft cap of the project is equal to 1 thousand ETH and is already assembled. The maximum that the project needs for rapid development is equal to 15 thousand ETH, and, most likely, it too will soon be collected.


On account of the distribution of tokens, we can say the following: 31% are allocated to sales to the community, 30% to the future operating platform activity, 20% to mining in the future, 15% to the project team and 4% to advisers and marketing.


Concerning the plan for the development of the platform, the following can be said: in the 1st quarter of 2017, the concept of the project was conceptualized and the team working on the platform was formed. In the second quarter, the first version of the iOS application was released and reached 1 thousand active users daily. In the third quarter, an application site was created for use on a PC and a mark of 5,000 active users per day was reached. In the 4th quarter, the network had 200,000 active users per month and reached a mark of 20,000 users per day.

In the 1st quarter of 2018 – crediting the application in the top 100 financial applications in 30 countries. Also, there was an implementation of the price display and real-time crypto-currency charts. In the second quarter – android-version of the application and the beginning of the sale of tokens. In Q3, the first version of the content creation subsystem on the platform will be implemented and platform tokens will be used to purchase additional platform services. In the 4th quarter, the system of bonuses and rewards for tokens BITX will be developed.

In the 1st quarter of 2019 – the launch of the full functionality of the platform both on PC and on mobile devices. In the second quarter – the introduction of tracking prices and volumes of the stock market in Singapore. In 3-4 quarters, the monitoring of stock markets in more than 30 countries worldwide and the systematization of all collected data for both stocks and for crypto-currencies.

In conclusion, I can say that the application is really interesting and is already used by a large number of users. Given the promise for 2019, I am sure that the number of users will grow exponentially and, accordingly, the price of platform tokens will grow. For more detailed acquaintance with the platform, you can read the information document.




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