BitGuild — Review of ICO

BitGuild is a gaming platform whose mission is to make games with blockchain technology popular.

Now quite popular free games from the category of free-to-play. But in these games, there is a trick that works for most users or just spoils their nerves. In most of these “free games” there is the possibility of donating. A player who invests money in his character and thereby makes him stronger can easily win another player who plays on enthusiasm, although he has better developed playing abilities. And even a full game “Noob” will be able to win a professional if the first in turn has invested $ 2000 in the game, and the second – nothing but time and skills. Thus, many of these games acquire a different name – pay, that would win.

BitGuild solution:

And what is the question here? Why pay, if you still can not get this money off the platform, except by holding any competitions between pros, in which units win.
At the same time, the games on the blockchain, which BitGuild wants to develop, offer the following:

  • Honest ownership of your gaming profiles and achievements and in case of access problems you can restore everything thanks to the technology of blockchain;
  • Competitive global games;
  • Cheap and secure game trading process;
  • Honest microtransactions;
  • Compatibility of game currency and cryptocurrency, the possibility of interchange;
  • Development of a stable gaming economy;
  • The impossibility of fraud.

Tokens and Token Sale companies:

Given the scope of the gaming industry today, the founders decided that the most appropriate would be the release of 10 billion tokens for the possibility of carrying out microtransactions on the platform and cheap tokens.

At the same time during the ICO, it is planned to sell 4.5 billion tokens or 45% of their total amount. 25% is left in the platform ecosystem. 20% of the founders of the platform, the team and early investors. And 10 percent of platform customers and advisers.

On account of the distribution of the collected fund, the following can be said: 35% will be allocated for the next development of the platform, 20% for the development of the first part of the platform games on the blockchain, 20% for investing in companies that develop the gaming industry on the blockchain. 20% for marketing and community building. And the remaining 5% for legal costs and unforeseen circumstances.


The following can be said on the roadmap of the project: in the 1st quarter of 2018, the sale of tokens and the development of the platform began. In the second quarter of 2018, there will be an official launch of platforms. Also will be the launch of beta versions of some platform games. In the 3rd quarter of 2018 will be the official launch of the game platform, the launch of the wallet and marketplace. Also, the platform will begin to search for and receive the third party, which also develops games using the blockchain mechanism. In Q4 2018, the platform will launch a minimum of 5 games that work with the mechanism of the blockchain.

The platform and all games will be translated into 5 or more languages. Also on the platform will be launched its design department and the platform will go to the next generation of the blockchain. All tokens, respectively, will be exchanged for new generation tokens. In the 1-2 quarter of 2019, 10-12 games will be launched on the platform, the platform will work with translation into 15 or more languages and the official launch of the platform’s design group will take place. Until the end of 2019, the platform plans to launch about 30 games that work with the mechanism of the blockchain.

In conclusion, I want to say that the development of games, in which you can not only make money but also take them out – this is a very interesting topic for all gamers. Also, the technology of blockchain will exclude the possibility of theft of your account, which again is the greatest advantage for game lovers, since account theft is a known phenomenon. And the development of a new one is always interesting for those who like games and I am sure that many will join the platform since its launch, so I advise you to keep up with the progress, invest in the platform and play with us!




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