Araw — Review of ICO

ARAW is a new decentralized platform for making payments in e-commerce through cryptocurrency.

There will be solutions for selling goods online, issuing a “Touch and Pay” card that will be similar to a bank card, but using a crypto currency, and on the platform, there will be a single reward system that is supported by the blockchain Ethereum.

About the Platform:

There are a lot of innovations in the world of e-commerce, but ARAW will add several such convenient functions, such as one-button payment, micropayments, transparency, which will quickly and qualitatively grow any system, attract system tokens to pay for purchases, and the platform will have a unified system of rewards .

The platform will have its own widget, which can be used for payment on any website. Also, the plus of the platform will be such a thing as “CashBack”, thanks to which, you, again, can save and get benefits. The platform develops the simplest interface, which will be understandable to any user. The platform will have good customer support to make sure that every user is satisfied with the service and achieved its goal when buying and maintaining this platform. Also on the platform will provide specialized assistance for easy implementation of their widget on any company.

The company has the following objectives: to provide complete solutions for e-commerce, a crypto-currency card for instant payments and a unified reward system. Create an ecosystem that will be driven by consumers and make this ecosystem completely transparent.


Tokens Platforms and their Sale:

Platform tokens will be used for many purposes on the platform. In total, 5 billion tokens are issued, 3.5 billion will be available for purchases to the community. To purchase tokens, you need to go through the “know your customer” procedure. Pre-sales began on July 1. The minimum required to run the project is $ 2 million, the maximum for a quick launch is $ 25 million. 1 token costs 1 cent.


On account of the distribution of tokens, we can say the following: 70% are allocated to sales to the community, 15% to the reserve platform, 9% to the founders and the platform team, 3% to the advisers of this project and 3% to the bounty and airdrops.

On account of using the collected funds: 37% is allocated for marketing and platform promotion, 35% for research and development of the platform, 15% for operating expenses, 10% for security and legal costs, and 3% for customer support and platform administration.


In the 1st quarter of 2016, the idea of creating a platform appeared. In the second quarter, a prototype of the platform appeared using virtual conditional units without the use of the blockchain mechanism. In the 4th quarter, Araw UK Ltd Company was founded in London. In the second quarter of 2017, a platform application for Android and iOS appeared. In the third quarter, the global loyalty system, marketing solutions and user control panel were improved. In the 4th quarter, deals were made and offers were made for payment in e-commerce using the platform application and payment options integrated into Araw mobile applications.

In Q1 2018, a platform with minimal functionality was developed, and in the second quarter, smart contracts, air companies, first white-listed investors and platform security audits appeared. In Q3 – the sale of tokens, a unified reward system, P2P transactions and the e-commerce market. In the 4th quarter – a platform purse and integration with the banking system + integration with crypto-exchangers. Further, it is planned to gradually add functions to the platform and expand its activities to different countries and continents.

In conclusion, I want to say that this platform is an interesting product, which, again, is aimed at developing the crypto community and facilitating purchases in e-commerce. Given this, you can count on the interest of users in the platform. For more detailed information, you can read the information document.




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