AQUA Intelligence  — Review of ICO  

AQUA Intelligence is a decentralized platform that is created to collect user data about their travels, visits to various places, restaurants, hotels and leaving feedback about these actions, for which they will receive a reward.

About the Platform:

The platform will be convenient because the reviews will be left by real visitors who liked or did not like the place, and other users of the platform will be able to decide to go/go somewhere, referring to the comments of the “pioneers”. In this case, places with the good reputation and good service will be able to increase their sales and the flow of regular customers thanks to the application platform. On the platform, you can also interact with other users and make plans for your travels.

Basic Pluses of the Platform:

  • real users who leave real information, and the reliability of the fact that this particular user left this information can be checked using the mechanism of blockchain;
  • now the places of visits (hotels, etc.) will be selected on the basis of data on them and, thus, good hotels will receive more income at the expense of the quality of their services;
  • predictions of attendance with the help of artificial intelligence;
  • the provision of the opportunity to create loyalty programs for enterprises and take part in them to users;
  • user-friendly interface and the ability to interact with other applications and systems of this type;
  • all sorts of awards and bonuses to attract more users and for their willing participation in the program of this platform.

Tokens Platforms and their Sale:

Platform tokens will be used to obtain discounts and to perform various actions on the platform. You can get token data not only by purchasing, but also becoming a member of AQUA Mobile, providing data, checking existing information and making corrections to it, and also by taking part in various surveys and events. A total of 500 million tokens are issued and 45% of them will be sold during the ICO. 1 token costs 25 cents and the project’s hard cap is 50 million dollars.


About of the distribution of tokens, we can say the following: 45% is allocated to sales to the community, 30% to the reserve fund of the platform, 20% to the team and 5% to the bounty/airdrop.

Concerning the distribution of collected funds, we can say the following: 40% is allocated for research and development of the platform, 20% for market research and subsequent development of the platform. 20% is allocated to the marketing platform and sales. 10% for operating costs and 10% for platform administration.


Concerning the development plan for the platform, we can say the following: from the 2nd quarter of 2015 to the 2nd quarter of 2018, market research, partnerships with various hotels, platforms, and mobile applications were created, and a prototype machine learning was also developed.

In the second quarter of 2018 – the sale of tokens, the release of an information document and the creation of a working group to work on the blockchain and platform tokens. In the 3rd quarter, a private blockchain platform will be created, the team that will accompany the project, as well as the initial functionality for the mobile platform application and the development of remote platform administration. In the 4th quarter, the alpha version of the remote administration platform + verification of smart contracts, the mechanism of monetization on the blockchain Efir and testing of machine learning platform.

In Q1 2019, the beta test of the tokenized platform + launch of the artificial intelligence platform + beta version of the private brothel and the conclusion of strategic partnerships with subsequent integration.

Further, it plans to develop the platform with the full launch of its functionality and use.

In conclusion, I want to say that this platform will allow its users to make the right choice in each trip or to help with this choice to other users. It’s like a people’s auditor will make the sphere of hotel business transparent and honest, which will be useful for good hotels and for their visitors. For more detailed acquaintance with the platform, I advise you to read the information documents.




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