Altair VR — Review of ICO

Altair VR– is a new platform for gaining knowledge through virtual reality, which will be managed through a blockchain system and created by a team with many years of experience in this field and more than half a million audience.

The project is sensational in teaching, which will be especially useful for children. In fact, this is a global simulator of virtual reality, in which you can learn almost everything, about the surrounding world, both about our planet and about astronomy. The platform plans to cooperate with very many specialists in the VR sphere, as well as attract all those who want to work, which will make it truly global and comprehensive.


The learning process is made as interesting as possible, at the base location you are waiting for the professor to look like Einstein, who can begin your training or offer an independent walk in various fields. I am confident that such practical training will attract many to the hours and days of the platform. And for sure, all this knowledge will give a good impetus to studying the real world and testing what you see on the platform.
The main advantages of this platform:

  • access to the addition of quality content is absolutely for everyone;
  • low commission for using the virtual reality platform;
  • interesting design and the ability to travel in time to study history;
  • the platform will take into account the users’ wishes, for which tenders will be played to create new content;
  • site guide, accessible to everyone, making the learning more interesting;
  • Continuous development thanks Altair VR.

Tokens Platforms and their Sale:

On the platform token account, you can say:

All actions on the platform can be done only at the expense of platform tokens, due to which their turnover and cost increase will be ensured. In total, 1 billion tokens are generated. The minimum amount of investments during open sales is 0.05, at the time of pre-sale, 50 Ethers. For 1 ether you can buy 10 thousand platform tokens. Pre-sales start on May 21, during the pre-sale it is planned to collect from 5 to 10 thousand Ethers.

During the main sales, there will be the following bonuses: 15% on the first day, 10% in the first week, 7% in the second week, 5% in the third and further without bonuses.

After launching the platform, the smart contract will burn 1% of the daily turnover for a gradual number of tokens of 100 million units.


On account of the distribution of tokens, we can say the following: 50% of the sale was allocated during the ITO (ICO), 32% as a platform fund, 15% for the team and investors, 3% for the bounty and 2% for the advisers.

Concerning the distribution of collected funds: 40% is allocated for marketing the platform, 39% for product development, 10% for the team, 5% for legal costs, 1% for charity and 5% for others.


At the expense of the plan for the development of the platform, we can say the following: in the second quarter of 2018 a token is launched, and in the third quarter the first version of the platform is planned to be launched. After a short time, the second version with 1 km square area for research, a time machine and a portal for moving in space and the possibility of adding user content will be launched. In the 4th quarter, there will be a guide to the locations, which will conduct excursions and make stories.

In the 1st quarter of 2019, they will expand the scale of the platform, add their own guide to each location, the ability to write scenarios for different zones, vote for different content and play tenders and moderation of various content. In the second quarter, the possibility of raising funds for the introduction of new functions and the promotion of tenders will be launched. Guides will also be created using the best experience. In the 3rd quarter, a virtual encyclopedia and a search for information on tags with automatically generated excursions will be created. Also, user content can be created in automated mode.

In conclusion, I want to say that the platform will definitely be a success, as the products of the development team already enjoy considerable success because half a million audience is cool. I’m looking forward to launching the platform and I advise you to try it, as it can really teach you a lot! For more information about the platform, I advise you to read Whitepaper. Good luck!




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